Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Patriotism of Crushing Dissent

From we get to see what crushing of dissent really looks like. Thank Castro for this example.

The attacks intensified after a speech by Castro last July in which he denounced opposition activists as U.S. government lackeys and praised supporters who two weeks earlier disrupted a dissident protest in Havana.

"The people, angrier than before over such shameless acts of treason, intervened with patriotic fervor and didn't allow a single mercenary to move," Castro said. "This is what will happen however many times as necessary when traitors and mercenaries go a millimeter beyond the point that our revolutionary people ... are prepared to permit."
How about this: we don't question your patriotism for protesting if you don't question our patriotism should we decide to break up one of your little shindigs? One of your progressive heroes has just called that type of hooliganism patriotic.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How Was This Supposed to Work?

Here is a cautionary tale of a couple who earned attention from the Department of Homeland Security because they made a larger than usual payment on their credit card.

File this one under "Doesn't the DHS have better things to be doing?"

Link via Ciggy's Smokehouse