Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wrong TV Plot Line

This idea hit me over the long weekend when I didn’t want to spend too much time online. With the revelation of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, this observation has gotten stale. But here it goes anyway.

The Sarah Palin Fake Pregnancy rumor made me wonder where the hill they would have come up with that idea. Then I remembered the seen in passing (I swear) season finale to Desperate Housewives last year, the one where Marcia Cross’s character was faking a pregnancy while her daughter was shoved off to an convent hiding her condition.

What I think the plot line that is developing may well be Commander in Chief. The First female Vice President, after being chosen as a play for the female vote, comes into office following the death of the President. I never saw an episode, and from its brief duration on air it would seem that not many others had either.