Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shouting From the Rooftop

You may recall that I ended the last post with a hint that more good news might be coming. It is the type of news that I felt I should share with my family before proclaiming it to the world at large. So now, without further ado:

Everyone, say hi to Trish. This the the beautiful lady that just a couple of weeks ago agreed to be my wife. When we first started dating, we wanted to keep our relationship on the down-low so that we wouldn't get talked about constantly at work. The whole time I wanted to shout from the rooftops how much I loved her. Well, the whole discrete thing didn't work out as most everybody was talking about if we were or were not an item. With that in mind, and Trish's blessing, I am announcing my love to the world.

(Please, no comparisons to Tom Cruise and Oprah's couch. I think I am being rather dignified here)

For some reason, the engagement seems to come as a surprise to practically no one. We have been dating just since November, yet everyone who knew we were dating seems to be completely unfazed by the announcement. Her best friend said she was not surprised, and her friend in Las Vegas, who has never met me, said she could tell it would happen just by the picture Trish sent her. Even my parents said that they had taken Christmas in the When-will-they-announce-an-engagement pool. My sister had chosen my birthday (April) so I think my parents still have the closest, but that's not the point. It just seems that everybody knew this was going to happen just a bit sooner than we did.

I'll keep you all filled in on details as they happen. In the meantime, Trish has always wanted a wedding on the beach. Anyone know of some good locations in the Southern California area?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Game the World - The Rematch

Hey folks, remember me? It is Winston, Ted, and Gamer, all at once. Game the World is back on the lively list. I'm calling this post the rematch because the world pretty well kicked my ass last time around. In this new incarnation of the site I might get into the personal type of stuff.

I didn't do that before because my life wasn't really anything to write home about. Things really hit bottom about a couple of years ago, and my interest in the political and philosophical just waned to zero around summer of last year. There might come a time where I will write about that dark shit, but I haven't decided for sure about that yet.

For now, I will stick with the good stuff. I started a new job back in August for a firm that does testing on materials for the construction industry. My work, in the vernacular, is to break stuff under controlled circumstances and write reports in egg-head speak. It isn't the aerospace industry that I had always wanted, but the culture of my new company doesn't have the constant deadline pressure that turns people on one another's throats. My boss, Jay, is the first one I have ever had that seems almost happy to answer my construction-neophyte questions.

Further good news, I broke one of the oft-cited rules of the workplace. I went fishing off the company pier, and I caught a beauty. Her name is Tricia and she does the accounting at the company. Somehow I have found someone who shares my significantly off-kilter sense of humor. I have never been with anyone with whom I have clicked so well with.

Things are looking up, and I hope to be back soon with more good news.