Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How’s This for a Media Conspiracy?

I had a thought about the LA Times sitting on the tape of Senator Obama toasting the one-time spokesman for Hamas. What caught my attention beyond the obvious was that the Times intended to release the tape after the election. This and that slow realization in the media that all may not be on the up and up in Obama land has some bloggers saying that the media will try to regain some credibility by criticizing their favorite once he is safely in office.

Allow me to play on some “the media is as biased as the corporations that own them” paranoia. The traditional press, in particular newspapers, are in dire financial straights. Eight years of Republican administration and scandals both actual and “squint and turn your head to see it” varieties have only lead to decreasing viewership and stacks of unsold newsprint. What could possibly turn it around for them?

What won’t do it would be four or, God forbid, eight years of vapid boosterism for President Obama. The news media needs red meat. Or would that be blue meat seeing as how making Republicans bleed has done nothing for circulation? The media might not be biased for just the liberal candidate, but for a candidate that they know will provide scandal and outrage and viewers for years to come.I doubt seriously that the traditional media will abandon their classic build up and tear down ways for President Obama.

The most extreme prediction, given the tendency of the MSM throughout the election, is that if Obama wins tonight, we are going to see some hard hitting exposes on ACORN and voting irregularities before the Inauguration. Of course, if McCain wins, then it will be Florida 2000 times five.

A thought on a slightly related note: if Obama wins, Jon Stewart will be left utterly without material.