Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Gotta Try This

You can guess that I am up for just about any type of game, particularly the potable variety. That's why I'd have to try The 24 Drinking Game.

  • Jack says “You have got to trust me”, take 1 shot– if the emphasis is on “got”, i.e. “You have GOT to trust me”, take an extra shot
  • Jack doesn’t have time to explain, take 1 shot
  • Jack doesn’t have time for this, take 1 shot
  • Jack says “You’ve got to do it”, take 1 shot– if this is followed by “and you’ve got to do it now,” take 2 more
  • Anyone points out something that is “against regulations”, take 1 shot
  • Anyone has got to understand what is at stake here, take 1 shot
  • Satellite coordinates are requested, take 1 shot– if they can’t get the coordinates, take another

The great thing about this game is the real time theme of the show. You would know exactly when you hit the floor. I'd give myself 10 minutes.

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