Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Too Unusual for Justice

Following on the heals of the child molester found too short for prison comes a case where the defendant is too old to get a jury of her peers:
A 79-year-old woman set to be tried on charges that she fatally shot her 85-year-old ex-beau is being deprived of her constitutional right to a fair trial, her attorney said.
Driskell is nearly a decade older than the legal age for exemption as a juror in the state of Georgia, which is 70.
Call this one a loser. The idea in America is that every citizen is equal under the law. Therefore, there is only one status in America, and all are peers by definition. Her lawyer should be looking for jurors who have been jilted in relationships. Those folks would be the peers he should want on the jury.

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