Saturday, December 20, 2003

... And Rain Doesn't Make You Wet

I don't really understand how anyone can not look at the timing of the invasion of Iraq and the opening of discussions with Libya and claim that one is not related to the other. That Gadhafi's son would claim that fact is not surprising. After all, the whole point of seeking WMD is to have strength, and letting people believe that one is a spineless jellyfish is very dangerous.

Hopefully now people will come to understand that the world still operates on the basis of strength and power. It is commendable that the United States and the rest of the Western World prefers to operate on the genteel levels of economic clout and popular authority, but when dealing with those who do not, only the possession and will to use gross physical force is respected. I commend Gadhafi for taking these steps to join the world community.

And to think, what it ultimately took was the United States and our true allies to stand up and say, "We are not that jellyfish!"

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