Thursday, December 18, 2003

Shifting Perspective

Seated here on my lunch break, playing with this new toy. Anyone who gets into blogging probably feels like they have a Steinbeck or a Murrow buried deep down inside screaming to get out.

For me, it is more like I have ideas that are bouncing around in my head. These ideas are nebulous until I either speak them aloud or write them. Either way, the process of making the idea real involves words.

Now that I am placing these new formed ideas into the public realm, I am much more conscious of them. (Spell check don't fail me now) In the scant hour since I have started this site, I can already sense a difference in the way I am processing the words of others. Maybe the generation of ideas in my mind is different since they may be destined for public view. Maybe its a greater empathy for the writers.

Either way, this is the first of the unforeseen places that writing a blog has taken me.

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