Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More on Meaningless Government

This is in continuation of this post from earlier.

Glenn Reynolds has a response at Tech Central Station to the Peggy Noonan article from this past weekend. He has the point of view that the falling apart is more on the part of those who had the power over the years:
Yes, but what whole thing, exactly? Noonan seems to think it's the whole society, but that's not so clear. Certainly the extensive depression that Noonan attributes to coastal elites doesn't seem to show much in my circles. Nor in the circles of blogger Phil Bowermaster, who writes: "What is so all-fired important about the disposition of journalists and politicians?"

Patrick Eickert asks how Reynold's "Army of Davids" would handle issues of national security and immigration policy. Prof. Reynolds makes a good response in respect to energy policy (who needs the government in the first place?), and it touches on the better response to why those in government feel the wheels coming off.

That better response is that the government has too much on its plate is that it has taken on too much responsibility. How much better would the federal government function if it restricted itself to what the Constitution, closely read, allows? Better to do a few things well than to do many poorly. And repeatedly showing incompetence on many fronts is the fast track to irrelevance.

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