Monday, November 21, 2005

Technology and Law Enforcement

I don't usually give a "read the whole thing", but I'm making an exception for Liquid Laws and America's Security Technology Quandary. From the extract:
The argument over new security technologies in America seem to always center around the proverbial "Big Brother Police State." However, this is not the paramount issue. The real issue is how our overly complicated and often "liquid" set of laws interacts with this new need for much more precise and flawless law enforcement technologies. And that is where a lot of our anti-terrorism efforts will break down.

Namely: too many laws with the main apparent check for liberty being the incomplete enforcement of the laws. Cool for speeding, not so good for anti-terrorism. It is a round about argument for a libertarian: enforce the laws fully, and then the focus will shift to bad law rather than cursing one's luck at having gotten caught.

Link via Electric Venom.

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