Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Polite Suggestion to Peter Jackson

During the course of expanding the Hobbit to three movies, Peter Jackson is drawing from various appendices and histories. As a fan who has seen much of the controversy over the ending of The Lord of The Rings, I wish to offer an ending scene for The Hobbit that might resolve the outcry.

Following a Council discussion that decides to send scouts into Mordor to see if Sauron has truly returned, the scene fades in to a high view of the blasted lands of Mordor. A giant eagle soars into the shot. The camera angles low over its shoulder, and on the horizon the Tower of the Eye can be seen. Cut to the Tower and the burning, lidless eye, perhaps not as magnificent as later. The eye turns its gaze upward, the spotlight of its attention seeking and finding the great eagle. As the gaze lands on the eagle, the bird bursts into flame and falls to the ground extra crispy to feed the growing orcish hoard.

And that would settle once and for all why the giant eagles didn't just fly Frodo to Mount Doom in the first damn place.

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