Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Playing with the New Tool

Writing is one of those things that you either talk about doing or actually do. I have written in the past, both on this blog and in the full on novel sense. The novel writing includes having "won" National Novel Writing Month a couple of years ago. Having done that I no longer feel the need to repeat the experience now that I have stripped myself of the excuse.

What I intend to do is set myself a certain amount of what JC Hutchins refers to as word herding each day. I have just gotten myself a new computer (a Surface 2 with type keyboard) for the express purpose. It doesn't feel too bad currently, and we will see if it does or does not promote carpal tunnel syndrome. I sold the idea of getting it to my wife as holding myself to a minimally expensive mid-life crisis, far cheaper than a sports car.

So whether the words show up here or through twofistedmagic.com, I promise to be getting the words out. For smaller bits and news, you might consider checking out my Twitter feed @Tedwade73.

Now to keep myself honest on this.

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