Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Almost Live Blogging

Certainly livelier than the previous two. I guess neither one of the fellows wants to leave any blood unspilled.

By the way, don't feel bad about not getting this as I post it. I didn't know that I was going to do this until just now.

6:20 Who knew that domestic issues could make President Bush foam at the mouth?

Also, I am so sick and tired of hearing that Bush squandered the surplus. I knew those projections were BS as soon as I first read the word in a newspaper. The assumptions were that the business cycle had been broken.

6:23 If Senator Kerry does fight as hard for people as he fights for himself, then look out world.

6:30 I can't disagree with Kerry about imposing matters of faith on others. But what about those of us who do not have his faith in the government?

6:27 Keep twisting, George, you are not going to get anywhere on a marriage rights question. Kerry goes straight to Cheney's daughter, but lets see what he actually says. Damn, I looked down and missed the waffle.

6:26 I blinked, what was the question again?

6:30 I can't disagree with Kerry about not imposing matters of faith on other people. I wonder where those who don't have his faith in the government fit into it.

6:35 Moving medications to generic status quicker? Boy, that will play with the pharma corps.

6:38 Damn this is wearying. Steven Green has the idea to do this drunk. Fill it up.

6:40 Flashback to previous point: Did Senators Kerry and Edwards go back to Washington to vote against that corporate tax bill?

6:42 Good point by Bush that government funded health care will create an incentive for small businesses to drop their offered coverage.

6:46 Ah, yes, thank you, Senator Kerry, for pointing out that Social Security is fundamentally a Ponzi Scheme. And I still can't stop laughing whenever I hear a Democrat taking credit for balancing the budget. That only happened because congressional Republicans actually acted like Republicans during the Clinton Administration.

6:50 Does anyone recall how many people were employed by the Dot.Coms? The economy in 1999 was on perhaps the greatest bubble since the day before Black Monday. The numbers for employment were just as inflated.

6:53 Does either of these guys really have a philosophy with respect to any domestic issue?

6:55 The first point of Kerry's plan is that things suck now, even worse than before 9/11. And some people say that he doesn't really have a plan. Maybe those folks have a point.

6:57 Oh, goody, minimum wage. Just the thing that gets economist's blood pressure up. The President has skewed off into education. Not good for him.

7:04 Mr. Scheiffer, please cut down on the adjectives in your questions.
Also, why is it that percentage changes are not useful gauges? And for the "X kids have lost their after school programs," line, are all of X ones who had afterschool programs before?
And isn't this supposed to be a debate on domestic policies. Shame on Mr. Scheiffer for inserting this question into the debate.

7:08 Of course Sen. Kerry said exactly the opposite of the "Global Test" critique, he often says exactly the opposite after one thing or another. I have yet to hear how impressing the need for American action on the rest of the world is not a global test.

7:11 And drug dealers would balk at the need to smuggle in their AK-47's while smuggling in their drugs. Yeah right.

7:13 So its OK to give preferences to everyone except white guys. Check.

7:16 Either I am getting punchy or Bob Scheiffer asked that question about President Bush's faith as if a religious person is a strange specimen indeed.

7:18 Sen. Kerry, is tyranny a gift from the Almighty?

7:20 Some of the unity of the world has slipped away? Nice to see the CBS cocoon hasn't blunted Bob's perspective on the world.

7:23 Last question, thank god. And Bush has wiped the spittle off the corner of his mouth.

7:24 So President Bush can't keep a promise to his own wife.

7:29 Boy did Pres. Bush start slowly on his closing. Now that he is up to speed, he is doing OK. Perhaps he needs an overhaul on the lower gears.

First after impression: To my philosophical standing, this "debate" reinforced why I can't vote for either of them. Kerry is a modern liberal and Bush is not a true conservative. Bush came closer to what I wanted to see, and I think that Bush came out a hair ahead. At the bare minimum, Kerry has failed to cover the point spread against him given his higher standard his lead in the domestic issue polls has imposed on him.

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