Friday, October 15, 2004

Wish I Could Have Live Blogged It

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show was on Crossfire this afternoon. Oh, man, did he clean those guy's clocks or what? Tucker Carlson was particularly bad when he seemed to not get the point that The Daily Show is supposed to be comedy, with guys like Tucker Carlson being the butt of the joke. I found it particularly hillarious when Jon made the point, in response to Tucker's questions about the softballs Stewart pitched to Sen. Kerry shortly after the DNC. Stewart then pointed out that if they are looking to a show on Comedy Central for hard hitting news, then something is seriously wrong.

Stewart also skewered the whole idea of Crossfire being a called a debate show as opposed to, in Jon's words, "theater". Anyone who watches Crossfire knows that it truly is nothing more than political hacks, among whom Stewart explicity counted the hosts of Crossfire, talking over each other with their talking points. What didn't get said, and I thought that it was right on the tip of Stewart's tounge, is that if the news agencies didn't take themselves so seriously or allowed themselves to be spun so easily, then the Daily Show would not be as popular, or even necessary.

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