Monday, October 04, 2004

X-Prize Accomplished

Pilot Brian Binnie and Scaled Composites have just captured the Ansari X-Prize with a trip of 368,00 feet and back in Mojave this morning. Obviously this trip was in the hardest direction, namely up, and add in that Brian Binney may now live down a rough landing from last year by having executed a near perfect landing.

Also, I have to say that I was very impressed with the tracking system used by CNN developed at a small school outside of Boston.

Clearly I didn't make it out to Mojave this morning. I decided to stay home and watch through the telephoto lenses provided by CNN. That and I think that $20 for parking this time around was a little steep.

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Sean from DocintheBox said...

posted pictures on the fotopage, sorry haven't been around in a while, living it up in Arizona, you're writing some good stuff over here!