Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Storage? Who Needs It?

The $200,000 Ford GT is a car that says, "My owner has everything and doesn't care to travel with any of it." OK, so maybe the guy could take along his $10,000 watch, but that would be about it given the complete lack of a trunk or any appreciable storage space. Not even a glove compartment for God's sake. It had better have satellite radio, because you certainly aren't going to be keeping many CD's in this baby.

I can see two ways of making long range trips, both with disadvantages. One is to FedEx your luggage ahead of you. This option completely eliminates spontaneity, including the inadvertant spontaneity of getting jailed for driving 100 mph over the speed limit. The other is just buying what you need when you stop wherever you are. Downside: you could find yourself in a town that doesn't keep with newfangled things like toothbrushes and the only clean shirt for sale reads "Prowd to be a Redneck".

If neither of those options works for you, then you won't be traveling anywhere. But, by God, you'll be getting there fast.

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