Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Coming Out and Saying It

It has been said that the Republicans have been spending money like drunken sailors. Let's put that old saw to rest as many sailors are taking offense to it. A Mallard Fillmore cartoon put it more succinctly by describing the Republicans as spending like drunken Democrats. (Insert Ted Kennedy joke here)

Now I am writing it: I am against George W. Bush for his domestic policies. Foreign affairs are another matter, but that can only take someone so far, and Bush has crossed that line. Just who is President Bush for? Between the excesses of compassionate conservatism to the nomination of the stealthiest of stealth candidates for the Supreme Court, the President has pissed off just about everyone who call themselves Republican. I don't, and I still think that I made the right decision not voting for Kerry, and doubly glad of not voting for Bush.

This has been a seat of the pants presidency, and it has finaly worn thin.

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