Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Long, Strange Trip

That I will not go into here.

Let's just say that I have had some time to do some deep reflection on the path that I have taken thus far in my life, have found said life wanting, decided to continue contemplation on a new direction, and leave it at that.

The one thing that I am certain of is that I will be devoting more time to writing, either here, or at my fiction site Two-Fisted Tales of Magic. Check it out, and drop me a line with constructive criticism.

Oh, and I'm sorry that I wasn't here to make a big deal out of my 5,000th hit. The pace at which visitors are coming here continues to increase, and for that I have all of you to thank.

So see you all around here later. Or maybe over at Two-Fisted Tales of Magic.

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