Sunday, March 28, 2004

I'll Say it When It Needs to be Said

And I'll say it again when the opportunity comes to make the point more clearly. I don't blame Clinton or Bush for 9/11. I blame Osama for that. I believe that only eight months is not enough time for Bush to have done anything to Al Qaeda. I also believe that without an extreme event like 9/11 Clinton could never have mustered up enough political support to do what Bush is doing. Yes, Al-Qaeda was backing Ramzeh Yousef when he and his group blew up the bomb under the WTC in 1993. That it failed to accomplish destruction on a military scale would have had Republicans howling if we had responded to it militarily.

Scott Ganz, aka Doctor Suarez, on half of the husband and wife of The Protocols of the Yuppies of Zion makes this point very well. Granted, Clinton may have handled most of what he did do poorly, in this arena, but the Congress would never have backed him enough to really do it right.

So don't let it be said that I never criticize Republicans. Next time you hear about some idiot bombing an abortion clinic, I'll be right with the Democrats yelling to fry the bastard. Although the Democrats tend to be anti-death penalty, so I'll still be pretty lonely. You get the point, anyway.

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