Friday, March 12, 2004

It Is Chilling

Stephen Green the Vodkapundit makes several good points in his reflection on the Madrid bombings. What really got to me was a quotation posted in the comments:

As word of the bombings spread, many people frantically called family and friends on cell phones.

"On many bodies, we could hear the person's mobile phones ringing as we carted them away," said Beatriz Martin, a doctor who tended to victims at El Pozo.

Mentally hear this sound when you vote Kerry in November....

Posted by: Chilling on March 12, 2004 06:38 AM

Some of my friends can't understand why I still consider the War on Terror to be the primary issue of our time, and why I am still considering voting for Bush in November (Yes, my feeling on the issue have been renewed). I admit that I still kept a distance, didn't let my emotions get to me when I was first reading the reports of the attacks. The comment above drove it home. I am outraged. I feel the outrage that I wish more people outside the United States felt on 9/11.

I have never been to Spain, but my parents have. They came back with the requisite pictures, and a story about cell phones in that country. They told me of seeing a business man walking down the street, carrying a briefcase in one hand and holding a mobile phone to his ear with the other. Suddenly, another phone he was carrying started to ring, forcing him to tuck his briefcase between his knees so that he could answer the second phone.

I have not heard or read anything about Americans being killed or injured in the blasts. Honestly, I don't really care. The story my parents told me was just a silly little anecdote, but that it was silly is what made that guy human. Is he still alive? Might he have been one of the people whose friends and family were trying desperately to get hold of him?

Was he able to answer those calls?

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