Friday, March 05, 2004

That's Why He's the Professional

A couple of weeks ago I really surprised a friend of mine by admitting that I hadn't ruled out voting for Bush this November. Not that I would vote for him, but that I hadn't ruled him out entirely. She asked me how, and I responded that I still consider the war on terror to be the most important issue in the country.

Today's The Bleat by James Lileks captures why I still feel the necesity to continue the war the way it has been going. Just head on down past the domestic paragraphs to where he starts his screed. I truly envy his ability to convey what I want to say in a third of the space it would take me.

I remember how I felt on that day. So far, the memory of that intensity of uncertainty and fear is still mostly fresh. I don't want to be protected from the feelings those memories carry. I want to be protected from feeling them for a whole new set of victims.

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