Thursday, April 15, 2004

Apology Forthcoming?

In all fairness, everyone from the military and media who covered this should make as much effort to get this story out as the original arrest and charges got. However, once the public eye turned from the case, the case turned into very little but an embarassment for the Army security services.

Captain James Yee was a muslim chaplin ministering to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. When news broke that he had been charged with aiding the prisoners in communicating for them to the outside world, it just struck a chord with the outwardly turned paranoia of the times. I'll admit that it worked for me with my cynical, Hollywood trained mind.

Today's news isn't even that charges of treason and espionage were dropped. What were dropped were lesser charges of adultery and misuse of a government computer for downloading pornography. Those charges were brought when a first apology might have been in order. Overall, not good for a government that is still trying to communicate that it is seeking a new balance between security and freedom.

Link via Andrew Sullivan.

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