Saturday, April 03, 2004

TV and Reality

I posted below about how things that can be shown on television tend to have more reality for people than things that can not. One of the ways this happens is that people we have seen on TV occupy a role much like a person you see in the coffee shop every so often.

A few years ago there was a reality series called Combat Missions where a number of active and retired special forces and SWAT members were put into teams and competed in simulated combat situations. One of the men on the show was named Scott Helveston. He was brash, messing with peoples heads and doing a hell of a job of psych warfare on the opposition. I personally didn't like the guy, but he was very effective at taking the opposition out of the game.

Scott Helveston was one of the four civilian contractors, former military hired to provide security for various humanitarian efforts, who was killed in Falluja, Iraq.

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