Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Matter of Perspective

I was taught in a debate class that if one does not understand the position of the other side, then one does not understand one's own position. For that reason I am linking to the Daily Kos and Eschaton, two of the more widely read liberal weblogs (see right). That is also why I take so much time contemplating what principles motivate the various sides of any issue. Knowing how an issue that seems to be one way to me appears to someone else in another position is helpful, but only if I know how that person's viewing position is related to mine. I like the idea that a large number of small scale views give a better description of an object that one single overarching view. The composite view of many viewers is less likely to be manipulated than the one grand viewer. Hearing one person's view is useful, but until I have a fix on where the view should be placed it is like a jigsaw puzzle piece that has yet to be affixed to the rest. I'm in this to learn what I can, express what I have learned and figured for myself, and to have it peer-reviewed. Much like a doctoral thesis, my goal is to add to the sum total knowledge and understanding in the world, one iota at a time.

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