Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Fickle as the Winds

Granted, any report about media bias is meta-reporting. I just can't make out why a story ceases to be newsworthy. If this report is true, then maybe it is a case of bad news selling better than good news. In that case I would like to complain, as many who consider themselves liberal do, that corporate interests are skewing what the news reports.

I say that the previous owners of the big media outlets be brought back on board. You remember them, the ones that could not stop crowing about how the economy was going great guns in the 90's despite the prognositcators who pointed at the huge technology bubble. We just need to get rid of the new corporate influences who took over sometime around the last presidential election. These guys just can't seem to stand considering even the biggest pieces of positive information newsworthy. Evidently the MS (Microsoft) of MSNBC has not sold out of the venture yet. Like Bill Gates sells anything.

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