Monday, June 28, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

I would like to stop down for a moment and wish my parents, Larry and Eleanor, a very happy 35th wedding anniversary. Life has been far from perfect throughout my life (for my readers: I am 31 and the eldest child, so you can see they got it done in the right order) but that just serves to highlight why this marriage is such an amazing thing.

Among my friends it is a rare thing to find anyone whose parents are still together. My friends Dave and Teala, after meeting my parents for the first time, have expressed wonder to me over how a pair of people like my parents could manage to produce a square such as myself. I can only shrug and point to a good upbringing, but then you can see who is responsible for that.

I would like to invite whomever is reading today to lift up their beverage of choice and join me in a toast (it is 10:30 am here in California, so its Diet Pepsi currently) to Larry and Eleanor. Thanks for always being there with either the hand up or boot to the rear as apporpriate.


With Love,

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