Friday, June 25, 2004

Pitching in the Two Cents

The Professor at has a section on various observations regarding Space Ship One. I'd just like to pass on one point from a conversation at Lone Wolf Cigars in Santa Monica.

Some people may gripe that SS1 is small and can only hold three people and is incapable of carrying any type of payload. In my mind, this is just another case of modern lack of gratification delay. Take a look at the differnce between the Wright Flyer and and the variety of aircraft available by World War II. Being the first to do something rarely involves actually making it useful. The point of being first is to prove the concept, that something is possible. It comes to hundreds and thousands of other people to take that possibility and improve on it, round off the corners, if you will.

I think I had better start taking better care of my health, because I want to be around after another fifty years to see just what we'll have flying by then.

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