Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Long Road Back

I was really into blogging about a month ago. And then I went into therapy, and now I blog a lot less. Let the wags wag, but for me I realize that it was part of a problem that I had with myself, my job, and my life.

In essence, I was using the blog as a means of hiding from the rest of the world while in theory facing it head on. For now, this means that I am going to be blogging on a less frequent basis than I was in the past. Mainly this is because my paper journal has been getting the attention. Nothing against any of you who have been checking in over time, just that the realizations I have been making over the past few weeks are more of the keep-it-to-myself variety.

On the other hand, does anyone out there know of a place in the Southern California area looking for a slightly used Materials Engineer?

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