Sunday, January 30, 2005

This is Beyond Awesome

The turnout for the Iraqi Election has to this point seemed spectacular. I have heard second hand of reports of Iraqis facing attacks in polling lines only to overwhelm and capture the attackers. If true, it would be as if they were saying, "You are not going to screw this up for us!"

If anything, this has shown how many of the Iraqi citizens are embracing the process toward democracy. Between the number of people voting, and the relative scarcity of attacks, it brings into very stark relief what the friendly/hostile composition of Iraq truly is.

As a friend of mine has put it, "The people of Iraq are finally taking responsibility for their own country." I couldn't agree more.

Update: Another thought that came up about ten minutes late. I kept hearing that it was too soon for elections because the security situation was not well enough established. I think that the participation in this election shows that people are willing to risk the danger in order to take control of their lives. This election has put everyone, American and insurgent alike, on notice about how things really are and what the people want the future to be in that country.

I am looking forward to what the newly elected government will say as to the American military forces in their country. Will they request that the Americans leave as soon as possible or stay indifinitely to finish the job? That will be another big moment of political repurcusion in our country. If the Iraqis invite us to stay and continue to assist them, what will those who call for American pull out ASAP have to say? Will they respect the will of the Iraqi's, or should the US put its good ahead of all the rest of the world? You know, like the thinking that put Saddam in power in the first place.

Update #2: I just realized what the Leftward Fringe would say if the new Iraqi government asked the US Military to stay in-country and help them cut down the insurgents. They would say, "See, this proves that the election was a sham created solely to install an American puppet regime." The entire decision would devolve down to whether or not the Iraqi Government would choose to do what the Leftward Fringe knows is correct. Any other decision would be proof of incompetence to decide. Depressing, yes, but I can see it happening all too easily.

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