Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Excellent Contrast, As if There is Any

Virgina Postrel has provided her comments on Bill Clinton's speach last night at the Democratic National Convention. I refuse to watch either convention because infomercials bore me to tears.

Virginia quotes the following extract from Clinton's speach:

We think the role of government is to give people the tools and conditions to make the most of their lives. Republicans believe in an America run by the right people, their people, in a world in which we act unilaterally when we can, and cooperate when we have to.

This nicely sums up my problem with both parties. So far as I am concerned, whatever job you are trying to accomplish, the federal government is the wrong tool. It is invariable that for any given program, there will be those who are not served well by it. As the federal government takes more control over aspects of the economy and social welfare, the greater number of programs will ensure that almost everyone will be ill served by at least one the said programs.

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