Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A Perfectly Reasonable Position

This article by Mark Steyn deftly explains much of France's actions over the past three years in a single package: France is out for France.

So in 2003 they weren’t appeasing Saddam. On the matter of Islamic terrorists killing American office workers and American forces killing Iraqi psychopaths, they are equally insouciant. Let’s say the Islamists had long-range WMDs. If they nuked Montpelier (Vermont), M. Chirac would insist that Bush needed to get a strong Security Council resolution before responding. If they nuked Montpellier (France), Iraq would be a crater by lunchtime.

I realize that the world is and will be run by self-interest, no matter how enlightened one presumes to be. My hope for the world is that enlightened self-interest reigns, where the elightened part being that helping others live better is the best course in the long-term. When it comes to the United States vs. France, I'd say that the US does a better job approaching enlightenment than France does feigning it.

Link via Vodkapundit.

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