Tuesday, July 20, 2004

See the Bias in Action

When a story like this comes out:

CNN.com - Federal probe targets Clinton's national security adviser - Jul 20, 2004

a person will immediately make a judgement that includes the credibility of the source. Credibility, especially when it is someone you really only know the name of, typically relies on the broadest of strokes, say Political Party.

Many in the blogosphere are already making noises that if it were a Republican who got caught doing this, then it would be getting the picture-on-the-homepage-of-CNN, as opposed to the freed Fillipino hostage. Given what I have seen of the major media track record, I would agree.

I am willing to bet that by next week we will not see any mention of this on any of the major news outlets (Fox excluded). Kind of like that joke Hillary Clinton made of Gandhi being the manager of a gas station in St. Louis.
Update: I have seen some rather unsettling questions about the precise mode in which Mr. Berger used his pants to remove the notes. Until I get definitive proof otherwise, I will stick with the idea that he used his pockets rather than the under the waste band and around the legs method a la Fawn Hall.

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