Friday, May 20, 2005

A Bold Prediction

John Cole puts out that Republicans may be in serious trouble of alienating enough voters to potentially lose thier Congressional majority in 2006. By way of their profligate spending and intrusive "values" mongering, people are starting to turn away from the newly self-stereotyped GOP.

I could have sworn that I wrote about my predictions for how the Republicans will be the new Democrats by 2010, but I shall rewrite it here:

Phase 1: Well under way. Republicans are acting as if they are entitled to wield power as they see fit because more people voted for them than for the Dems. This is precisely why I voted third party, because I knew that they would have misrepresented my vote against Kerry as a vote for Bush.

Phase 2: A rough election for the Republicans, but they will maintain a reduced majority in Congress and not learn a damn thing.

Phase 3: Hillary Clinton will establish herself as leader of the moderate wing of the Democratic Party and be "persuaded" to run for President in 2008.

Phase 4: Conservative commentary will focus on attacking Hillary to the exclusion of all else, including any type of plan or vision for the country.

Phase 5: Republican primary voters, the die-hards of the extreme agenda, will refuse to nominate a centrist, thereby conceding the middle to the Democrats.

Phase 6: Hillary wins in 2008. The vitriol goes up a notch, especially if the election is in any way close in a key state.

Phase 7: Acting out of a sense of outrage that their right to power has been denied by Hillary, the Republicans become more and more shrill, putting people off of any idea of voting for whomever runs against Dems in 2010.

I could be wrong, but I see history repeating itself in the near term.

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