Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Channeling Terry Pratchett

An odd thought keeps barging its way into my brain whenever I think about the judicial compromise in the Senate. I keep recalling, from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, the agreement between the city of Ankh-Moorpork and the University of wizardry in the city.
1. The City has the right to call upon the University at any time for assistance and have the request granted.

2. The City agrees to never call upon the University for assistance.

The above paraphrasing has been badly mangled on the way to this page, but I think the gist is clear enough.

Update: Ah ha! This first graf demonstrates where the resonance was coming from:
So a deal has been struck on the filibuster. Republicans will allow Democrats to keep the filibuster as long as Democrats never use it. This way, both sides win (except for the Democrats).

Link courtesy of Il Bloggo di Tutti Bloggi

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