Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My God, Its Everywhere!

I put in about 200 miles of driving this Memorial Day weekend. For my weekends, that is absolutely nothing special, I do it every weekend.

What was different was every last road condition display was showing the logo Click It or Ticket, just a little reminder that the government does not believe the typical American motorist is smart enough to make decisions about the risks they take. I thought that it was just California, but the website lays the blame for the campaign at the door of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Evidently no state with a seatbelt law was safe.

Seat belt laws rate right up there with helmet laws. Whether a person wears a helmet or a seat belt should be up to them. In fact, I would appreciate more people not wearing seat belts. One such idiot can provide life saving organs for up to six people.

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