Friday, June 10, 2005

331 Miles For a REAL Newsstory

Citizen Smash, The Indepundit, asks for a little clarity in the public's attention span. Between the Michael Jackson trial and the missing Alabama girl in Aruba, the general populace is missing out on the story of al-Qaeda trained personnel arrested in California. Smash is right on point when he compares the trial and the search with shark attacks and the skirts on "Ally McBeal".

Allow me to add that I think the relative airtime given to these stories shows the general media attitudes. Namely, that red-staters want things like all Michael all the time. Personally, I avoid those stories solely out of fear of seeing a picture of Michael Jackson. The other attitude is that the discovery of an al-Qaeda cell would be a major coup for Bush and the Patriot Act, regardless of whether the Patriot Act was actually useful in the arrests.

So, on the off chance that any of the superfluous (read "All") reporters at the Jackson trial actually want to go where there is real news happening, I have included these directions on how to get from one courthouse to the other. Safe driving.

Thanks to Doc in the Box for the link.

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