Saturday, June 18, 2005

Now That's a Big Number

40 million

For people who spend too much time reading articles about government spending, yours truly included, anything less then three digits of millions doesn't seem like much. When you are talking about people and their information, it is a refreshing snap back to reality from number fatigue.

While there isa no way that such a breach of security should have happened, I wonder if there might be a modicum of protection for the victims in the fact that such a large number of files were taken. Much like a school of fish, it is highly unlikely that all of the information could be preyed upon in a timely manner. However, those who do get caught will pay a very high price, be they fish or credit card user. Surely at some point the utility of one, a hundred, or a thousand more files becomes effectively zero. Little consolation to those who get burned, and no consolation for CardSystems, but maybe buffer enough for those effected to change their accounts prior to burning.

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