Wednesday, September 14, 2005

But We Can't Do Anything Without the Figurehead!

     If there were ever a job that could be done by telecommuting, wouldn’t the Presidency of the United States be it? The sum total of responsibilities is to tell other people what to do. I tend to have nothing but disdain for governmental workers, but I still give them enough credit that they could achieve a reasonable facsimile of high gear with a mere phone call as opposed to being hauled into the Presence. So I don’t think that FEMA would have worked any better if President Bush had been in Washington as opposed to Crawford. The demand that he should have cut his vacation short and have been in Washington seems more like a desire to have a talisman that says that government is working because government is at work.

     So, once again, we have proof that George W. Bush is a heartless, evil bastard because he is not using the magic wand of federal power properly. Lord knows everything was wonderful in the world when we were under the benevolent protectorship of William the White.

     Thus endeth the screed.

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