Friday, September 09, 2005

Pry'em From My Bloated, Water-logged Fingers

One of the failures that occurred in the path of Hurricane Katrina was the failure of individuals to plan for survival. That's a hard one, and I know that I'd probably face those problems myself when the Big One hits, and it is in its very nature self-punishing. The fact that people have suffered for their lack of foresight does not relieve my resposibility to give what aid I can, the punishment already felt it enough.

One thing that never gets discussed as being the part of a well stocked emergency kit is your security supply, namely a gun. Now the police are going about denying people that measure of self-reliance. These people are on their own, they need to protect themselves now more than ever. Get some priorities FEMA, LDHS, and NOPD.

H/T Samizdata.

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