Friday, September 23, 2005

Road Maps and Bold Predictions

I have been working a pair of predictions as to how the Republicans become as politically irrelevant by 2010 as the Democrats are today. As with any work, I reserve the right to amend as necessary.

From my roadmap:
2. Meanwhile, social conservatives continue to push their legislate and regulate agenda upon the rest of the country. Any gains in Congress in 2006 will only hasten the course to the right.

When I wrote that, I only had the religious right agenda in mind. I'm going to add George Bush's "Compassionate Conservative" fiscal agenda to that.

I found a hint at that some of the libertarian right are growing tired of the fiscal irresponsibility happening under a supposedly small-government Republican Party. I, for one, am beginning to wonder if a divided government would be preferable to what we have going. This might be exploitable by the Democrats in the upcoming 2006 election cycle, especially by someone trying to posture as a moderate **cough-Hillary-cough-cough**.

The sad part is if this tactics works in ultimately slowing the rate of growth, it will knock a major pillar out from under the traditional Republican platform. The loss of this positive position would make the temptation of a purely negative campaign all the more attractive. From there, carry on with the plan.

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