Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Show of Hands, Please

A number of firms with ties to the present administration have been awarded contracts by the White House to carry out reconstruction efforts.

Is anyone surprised by this? Anyone? Buehler?

Scream Bush cronyism all you want, this is just an indication of governmental cronyism, period. There are only so many people one can maintain in one's professional circle. When people cycle out of government service, they are going to end up somewhere, and typically they go someplace that values their connections. If one company realizes an advantage by doing this, then the market goes up on connected individuals across the industry and soon the whole industry is connected to the administration. Given the inbred nature of our government class, all of the companies in question can be connected to pretty much any White House administration you could make.

So wake me up when we get real news, like Joe's Construction getting the bid and how no one in the government knows anyone who works for now or has ever worked for Joe. Then I'll be impressed.

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