Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Science Works, Got a Problem With That?

Here’s a lovely column from the Guardian regarding a bias of sorts against science in the media. Give the man (woman?) a byline, please, I need a name to laud. The author offers a characterization of this bias
It is my hypothesis that in their choice of stories, and the way they cover them, the media create a parody of science, for their own means. They then attack this parody as if they were critiquing science. This week we take the gloves off and do some serious typing.

Postmodernism, wherein the whole notion of being "true" or "correct" in an answer is considered risible, is the faith of the humanities (journalism included) portion of just about any school of higher learning. Any claim to being correct is seen as merely a means to exercise power over those who claim another truth. Thus it follows that science is a tool of oppressing the have-nots and must therefore be destroyed.

There’s a huge problem with that project: the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the technology that derives from it is creating power. By focusing only on mocking the pursuit of science, the media is denying the knowledge to those who do not make it their living. By limiting the spread of knowledge, the postmodern attack on science in the name of social justice defeats itself.

Those who carry the mantle of dissent claim to be “Speaking Truth to Power”. I’d recommend that they start speaking truth, scientifically tested and thoroughly reasoned truth, to the powerless. They’re the ones who need it.

H/T Instapundit.

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