Tuesday, August 09, 2005

2 2 = Conspiracy

Andrew Wilkow, the morning host on WABC currently filling in for an evening host at KABC is discussing the Able Danger intelligence report and some recent comments by Rep. Curt Weldon regarding this report that never made it to the 9/11 Commission.

I'm going to go jumping off into the deep end repeat the connection that Wilkow is making: Given the relative dates of documents involved in the two matters, how likely is it that the documents Sandy Berger removed from the National Archives were related to the Able Danger reports? Thus far, I haven't seen any information to verify the connection, but I think I may actually do some research on this one.

More later, maybe.

Update: Looking back in the archives of others, it would seem that the documents that Berger had destroyed were after action reports regarding the LAX/Millenium bomb plot penned by Richard Clarke. Given that some of the copies had been destroyed, and speculation is that it was marginal notes that were the target of destruction, it puts a different angle of speculation on just what those hand-written notes contained.

Additional information is always appreciated.

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