Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Release the Hounds!

Nothing can get people on your case quicker than speaking your mind. Prof. Reynolds has pulled an avalanche upon his head by admitting to having worked with the ACLU in the past and might in the future. Not only have some people pledged to stop reading him, others have organized de-linkings.

Of course, I doubt there is anybody that doesn't read Instapundit before coming here.

The whole idea that someone would become a pariah due to mere association is not a good sign for a political majority. It is clear that conservatives are starting to fall into the pattern of hunting down heretics that had eviscerated liberals during the Clinton years. What this reaction through Stop the ACLU indicates is that opposing the ACLU is of higher priority than any other principle. Let me make this clear: people can work together in some instances without agreeing in whole to each other's agendas. I disagree with the ACLU's vehemence in purging nativity scenes from public property, but I am all with them in opposing the abuses resulting from the drug wars.

To those who solely oppose: Its called nuance, look it up.

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