Monday, August 22, 2005

Parsing Cindy Sheehan's Rhetoric

Hopefully this will be the only post I will make on the whole Cindy Sheehan circus. Then again, I never intended to post as much as I did about Teri Schiavo, so we'll see how this goes.

First, Cindy Sheehan is fairly well known, at least in the Blogosphere, for having called President Bush the biggest terrorist in the world. I'm certain that she has never followed the reasoning that proceeds from such a statement, but I offer to fill in the gap. No one can argue that Osama bin Ladin would have to rank in the top three for that honorific. And it would follow that Mohammed Atta and all those who choose to serve him are also terrorists, if not moreso because they are the ones who are hands-on in perpetrating the atrocities. Then it would follow that the United States military would be Bush's answer to the al Qaeda network. Therefore she has indirectly implicated her own son as a terrorist.

A more serious analysis of Cindy's words will reveal her thoughts regarding her son. All of her statements regarding Casey's life have been passive. He was the victim of Bush's sending him to war. Nowhere does she acknowledge his responsibility for his own choices. That responsibility is the whole point of a person being an adult. In her words, Casey is her child and never his own man. It would seem that those who oppose Cindy's position are showing her son more respect than she does.

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