Friday, August 20, 2004

Do These Guys Really Want to Do This?

If I recall my Sunday School lessons, mostly held on Thursday go figure, Jesus had little patience for those who followed the letter of the law while completely missing the spirit. I believe the word Pharisaic is proper in this case where the church declared the First Communion of an 8-year-old girl invalid. Their reason: the communion wafer that she had taken was rice based as opposed to wheat based in defference to her celiac disease. If Haley Waldman were to eat even a small amount of gluten, the protein that makes wheat dough sticky, it could seriously damage her small intestine.

After all of the scandal that the Church has faced over the past years, one might think that they would be at least a little flexible rather than be "my way or the highway to hell." Unless of course the Vatican claims that God told them the He needs gluten in the wafer to achieve the miracle of transubstanciation. Somehow I would doubt that.

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