Sunday, August 22, 2004

Not That I'm Crying "Double Standard"

But if George Bush had said something like this about, wouldn't the howls of "He's questioning our patriotism" be heard from sea to shining sea?

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry on Saturday night urged President Bush to ''stand up and stop'' what he called personal attacks on him over his combat record in Vietnam.
At a fund-raiser, Kerry said the attacks by a group of Vietnam veterans and former swift boat commanders have intensified ''because in the last months they have seen me climbing in America's understanding that I know how to fight a smarter and more effective war'' against terrorists.

''That's why they're attacking my credibility. That's why they've personally gone after me. The president needs to stand up and stop that. The president needs to have the courage to talk about it.'' Chicago Sun Times

Maybe Kerry does have a better way to fight terrorism. He certainly seems to understand the value of fighting with a looser set of rules than he allows for his opponent.

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