Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Yet Another Market Opportunity

In Preparing for the Worst at Tech Central Station, Glenn Reynolds mentions that not everyone has completed their disaster preparedness kits. Guilty as charged. Seeing as how everyone lives in an area that has significant chance of natural disaster (living three miles from the San Andreas fault, can you guess which is my disaster of choice?), such a kit should be de riguer for all homes.

I once had a kit in my car, packaged in a fanny pack, that came pre assembled at the local Pep Boys. It had water in juice boxes, very calories dense nutrition bars, bandages, and thermal blankets like the ones the give at the end of marathons. Why not create larger packages for household use? I can just picture the shelves at Wal-Mart stocked with a variety of packages: from a small box for bachelor pads to the Catholic/Mormon Econo-Box that would require a hand cart and carry-out service.

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