Friday, August 06, 2004

Let Slip the Dogs of Spin

Things have certainly been heating up since the Swift Vets for Truth came out with their ad. Via Vodkapundit and Balloon Juice, one can see all of the attempts to control the play that the Swift Vets are generating. There have even been letters sent to television stations airing the Swift Vets commercial (but not to the Swift Vets themselves?) threatening legal action under libel laws.

Say what you will about Ashcroft misusing the Patriot Act and I'd probably agree with you. The threats of lawsuits directed at the television stations, however, do send chills down my spine. I simply find it ironic that this is coming from the side that wails "Crushing of Dissent!" and "Questioning my Patriotism!" at the slightest criticism. Not surprising mind you, this is the side that wants the government to solve all of their problems for them.

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