Saturday, August 14, 2004

Too Much Slack in the Kerry Campaign?

Via Little Green Footballs

Coming off my rant regarding neither campaign providing any real substance for the media and the blogosphere to grind, I will now proceed to discuss some of the style.

Something that seems to be a recurring theme with respect to the Kerry campaign is that he keeps getting caught up in situations that result from sloppy prep work. Be it handing the Bush campaign a real softball with the "sensitive war" comment, to suddenly having to change direction as to the credibility of those who served with him. From an opinion piece in the San Francisco Examiner comes an analysis that I found myself nodding to in agreement.
The worst part of this political fiasco is that it could have been completely avoided. With a little work, preparation and organization, Kerry or his staff could have shown these veterans a little common courtesy by finding out where they stand regarding his candidacy and asking their permission to use them as references. This was a huge mistake, and it's costing Kerry dearly.

I have gotten the impression that the Kerry campaign was counting on Anyone-but-Bush sentiment to carry them all the way to the White House. I think that they may have mistaken volume for population.

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